Business is created primarily to generate profits.

The selection of software for businesses.

Each software product designed to address one or the other business issues, doing this directly or indirectly to increase profits, is a product for businesses. Higher profits can be made in two ways:
To sales at constant costs. This software primarily includes various CRM systems and ERP programs.
Reduce the cost of saving sales. Here the best example will be help desk systems, their implementation allows to work more efficiently with customers and partners, automate processes and completing the requirements, creating a package of documents.
It is obvious that a variety of game and entertainment programs, system programs, computer maintenance utilities, screensavers, “CEOs” that have no relationship with the programs for businesses.
A bit more difficult with other types of programs. For example, electronic diaries used for personal use, various instant messengers and many other software products can directly or indirectly help to increase profits, but actually to the programs for the business you have no relationship, as were for quite different purposes.
It is extremely difficult to judge how the system can increase the efficiency of the economy. In addition to the advantages, there are many disadvantages, and therefore call similar application system software for business is not possible.
When you buy a business plan at storage you get the ability to save passwords, a larger number of websites, connect to their account from other users. And when choosing the business tariff for storing files you get a larger amount of storage space, which «in the clouds», no restrictions on the maximum size of files, more high-speed data exchange.
In fact, that’s all – nothing more than a marketing ploy, designed to draw attention to the advanced packages. In reality, additional features could call proper: tariff “premium”, just like a business you have a very little relationship, all these features simply allow to use more effectively.

Software VDR.

Flexera has a leading position in a wide range of areas. Installing the software, scan software with open source and software monetization. Flexera Research believes that deeper knowledge in the area of software usage is becoming another era of software monetization.
Business models, usage-based, grow and product managers are increasingly turning to data for use in strategic decisions.
One of the best solutions for software management is the choice of virtual data spaces. This is a collection of confidential documents in electronic format. A special feature of VDR by is an increased level of protection of access data transmission from external users and their physical universities.