Best Cloud Storage Management Service

Most cloud management storage do not offer unlimited tariff plans in the form in which we are used to understanding the term “unlimited” (Unlimited). This concept means that it is possible to upload files to the cloud without worrying about the fact that the acquired disk space will run out. Under “unlimited for everything” should be understood the traditional “unlim” – no restrictions on the number of files stored in the cloud.

Dropbox as One of The Best Cloud Storage Management Service

One of the most famous cloud services in the world – Dropbox – offers its customers the purchase of the “Advanced” plan with unlimited disk space. The description of the tariff on the official website says so – “As much space as needed.”

However, this tariff plan is intended primarily for corporate clients. Its cost at the time of writing the review was $ 25 per month (or $ 20 per month if paid for a year in advance) for one cloud storage user, and at least there should be 3 of them (even if in fact the user is only 1). Those. for pleasure, you will have to transfer $ 75 a month to the company or pay a one-time $ 720 per year in advance at a discount provided.

Dropbox has another unlimited plan – “Enterprise”. But its price is not specified on the site, the tariff plan is configured individually for each client. All of the cloud services described above offer storage services for an unlimited amount of any type of file. But we also wanted to draw your attention to the existence of cloud storage, in which users are given the opportunity to store certain types of files without restrictions. As a rule, these are photographs and videos.

OpenDrive as Second the Best Cloud Storage Management Service

OpenDrive is one of the few cloud services that have unlimited data plans for ordinary (i.e. non-corporate) users. In this case, there is only one – “Personal Unlimited”. You can become the owner of unlimited disk space for $ 9.95 a month or for $ 99 if you pay a year in advance. At the same time, the service provides the ability to use the storage for two users (you will have to pay extra for one or more additional accounts).

In addition, the OpenDrive service offers unlimited data plans for business customers. There are two of them:

  • “Business Unlimited”. $ 29.95 per month or $ 299 per year.
  • “Reseller Unlimited”. $ 59.95 per month or $ 599 per year. As in the case of Box, the reason for the price difference is the extended functionality of the personal account.
  • It is worth noting that OpenDrive does not put a limit on the minimum number of users (i.e. maybe 1). Another advantage of the service is that the cost of a monthly payment for business tariffs for each additional user increases by about $ 5, and not doubled, as is the case with other cloud storages discussed above.

Saved photos and videos can be viewed, copied, shared with friends, deleted, and edited via the mobile application and web interface. However, you should not move photos and videos to any other folder in the storage. this will fill up disk space. Indeed, all cloud storage can be called unlimited. The reason is simple – users are not limited in purchasing additional disk space.